Our Service

Payroll Processing Plus is your one-stop payroll processing partner. Our cost-effective payroll services eliminates the time-consuming tasks associated with processing payroll in-house and the cost associated with a full-time staff position.

Our payroll service collects the total tax deposit per payroll, transfers tax payments to the appropriate Federal and State agencies when these liabilities are due, and files quarterly and yearly reports on the client's behalf.

Our Approach

  • Total tax services as described above
  • Payroll Liability Report (summarizes payroll and indicates total tax deposit amount)
  • Payroll Register
  • Payroll Register Totals
  • Payroll Unemployment Insurance Report
  • Workers Compensation reports
  • GL reports (QB download if needed)
  • Missing New Hire Information Report (sent for you)
  • Employee Checks and/or direct deposit
  • Portal access for employees to view pay stubs, messages and change personal data
  • Payroll Submission Options: Phone-in, Fax, Email, PlatinumPay Online
  • Federal (form 941)
  • State Unemployment Returns
  • State Withholding Returns
  • Company Earnings & Tax Report
  • Employee Earnings & Tax Report
  • Employee Detail Earnings
  • Employers Federal W3 Transmittal & W2s (electronic file to SSA)
  • Employee W2s (additional cost)
  • Employers Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return - Form 940
  • Employee Summary Earnings
  • ACA 1095C and 1094C if applicable